A married couple with two young children have taken out a second mortgage to follow their dreams and open a cocktail shop and bar in Catford.

Natalie John, 38, and Xhulio Sina, 37, of Minnard Road in Catford will open Bottle Bar and Shop in Catford Broadway in time for Christmas.

The business will contain both a shop and a bar and will specialise in homemade cocktails and infusions. It will also sell craft beer and wine.

Mr Sina is a passionate "mixologist" who has been in the bar industry for more than 20 years and will make and bottle the cocktails himself. Booze fans can then buy and take the cocktails home.

Ms John said: “We have two children and are at a point in our lives when a lot of things have changed and we just thought let’s just go for it.

“The hardest part was having the guts to do it. Just being brave and saying, ‘hey, let’s get that second mortgage out and go for it.'

“We haven’t got anyone who is going to invest in us or anything like that, so we are just doing it ourselves.

“The process if very exciting and energising.

“It feels completely right and as if it is all coming together. It all feels like it is meant to be. Just ask me the question again when we have opened!”

The couple have lived in Catford for two years and lived in Hither Green before that.

Ms John said: “We just really love it here. We love the community spirit and really enjoy living here and we wanted to give something back. And it works for us too!”

To keep an eye out for the exact date when the Bottle Bar and Shop is opening visit the Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/bottlebarandshop/.