Never mind why the chicken crossed the road...we want to know why it became bigger than a town.

If you run a Google image search using the word ‘Orpington’ you'll find dozens of pictures of fluffy-bummed chickens.

Not pictures of Orpington High Street... or the Walnuts Leisure Centre... or the fantastic Christmas Light-up Orpington event last week - but picture upon picture of the Orpington breed of chicken, which was first bred by William Cook in 1886 and named after the town.

The famous chicken has outgrown its humble Kent origins and is now bred in the USA and Australia, which could explain it's popularity on Google.

Chicken expert Suzie Baldwin said: “They are huge, beautiful, docile birds. They have great big fluffy bums and they are very gentle. That’s why everybody loves them.

“As a chicken lover I would say they are much more interesting than the town of Orpington!”

Is this fair? Should Google be forced to put a few pictures of the real Orpington on its search? Why is a chicken more famous then the town?

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*Did you know...The Buff pub in Pinewood Drive, Orpington, is said to be named after the Orpington Buff which is a duck, also bred by William Cook.