Concerned families are demanding that Bromley Council creates a pedestrian crossing on a "dangerous" road in Beckenham.

Village Way runs close to Harris Academy Beckenham and is crossed by children on their way to school.

A motorcyclist was killed on the road earlier this month.

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And more than 50 parents, grandparents and children went to protest beside the road last week.

Victoria Pointon, said Year 7 children crossed the road in order to use the cut-through to nearby Harris Academy Beckenham, off Manor Way.

She said: “They wait until they’re in a big enough group before attempting to cross this wide busy road - they know it’s too dangerous to cross alone.”

The protestors were joined by Lib Dem London Assembly member Caroline Pidgeon, who is deputy chairwoman of Greater London Assembly’s transport committee.

She said: “The traffic in Beckenham is just as busy as nearby inner London areas, but there are no restrictions on speed – it’s staggering.”

Rebecca Hickey, executive principal at Harris Academy Beckenham, said: "We are also concerned about the safety of our students journeying to and from school as many have to cross Village Way.

“There are no adequate crossings available and, despite campaigns from our parents forum and staff members, we have not received support from the local authority for a safe crossing to be installed."

Despite other campaigns to improve pedestrian safety on Village Way, Bromley Council has never built a crossing.

Executive councillor for environment William Huntington-Thresher said: “The council is aware of the current and past concerns of some residents and has reviewed all the available evidence in recent times and concluded that statistically in terms of accidents, injuries and speeding, Village Way does not stand out as being a 'dangerous' road.

“The evidence includes past speed surveys conducted by the council. A zebra crossing has previously been considered, but neither the volume of pedestrian footfall was high enough to justify it, nor could a suitable location be readily established.”

He said: “We will keep this whole matter under close review, which is why we will be carrying out a new speed survey to assess current speeds and looking to see if the changes to primary school provision in the area could potentially add a new dynamic to the situation.” 

The campaign to improve pedestrian safety on the road is being run by the Lib Dems.

If you want to sign the petition for a crossing click here.