A family stood on the street and watched their roof burn down in Beckenham.

London Fire Brigade were called to Walled Garden Close in Beckenham at 7.56pm last Friday (November 17).

Six fire engines and 35 firefighters were sent to tackle the fire with crews from Beckenham, Bromley, Woodside and Sidcup stations.

Most of the roof of the family’s house was damaged by the blaze.

Fallen debris damaged four cars on the road and the fire spread to a small part of a neighbouring house.

Firefighters left at 1.32am and the cause of the fire is still being investigated.

Colin Hughes, 69, lives in Walled Garden and has put up the family whilst they are homeless.

He managed to take a dramatic video of flames shooting up from the roof of the house.

Mr Hughes said: “Somebody knocked on my door and I could hear people shouting outside.

“I opened the front door and the roof of the house opposite was on fire.

“Obviously, I was shocked. Somebody had already rung the fire brigade. There wasn’t a lot we could do after that. We just had to stand and observe.

“The firemen went in with their masks and their oxygen on and I heard what I thought was the ceiling collapse. I thought ‘oh my god, these poor guys!’ But they came out OK.”

Mr Hughes said that the unfortunate family was supported by residents.

He said: “Everyone was out there. We couldn’t help because the fire brigade was taking control. But we made cups of tea, kept them warm and comforted them as they watched their house burn down.

“The family were actually quite calm. I think if it was my house burning down I would be screaming my head off.

“But they were quite placid about it really. There wasn’t anything they could do so we just had to sit and watch.”

Mr Hughes praised the firefighters for their bravery.

He said: “It was very impressive. They are really brave guys. I just thought god all mighty the poor buggers are inside there.

“They had their gas masks on and oxygen and their helmets and they are well protected but even so if the ceiling falls down on you and it’s alight, it’s scary.”

Mr Hughes is putting up the family in his house until their insurance company pays to have the house repaired.