A Lewisham mum has been left with the “worst plumbing job ever” and has been trying to get her housing association to deal with the issue for eight years.

The piping for the shower Victoria Barrett’s housing association homes consists of a series of plastic tubes taped to the walls and ceiling, running across multiple rooms and dangling precariously overhead.

Victoria challenged anyone to find a worse plumbing job in London, calling it the “worst plumbing job ever” and that “eight years of complaining had fallen on deaf ears”.

She has tried to get plumbers over to fix the problem but every independent company that came over said they didn’t want to touch the contraption because “outside agencies could be held responsible for any damage caused”.

Victoria said: “Shortly after I moved into my property Lewisham Homes repaired my shower and that’s what they did.

“Eight times and counting it was inspected and passed fit by council inspectors.

“I had independent plumbers from Germany and the UK look at it and they are absolutely horrified but obviously not Lewisham Homes as they know better."

Victoria has a seven-year-old daughter who has lived with this plumbing job for her entire life and the Lewisham mum said it has hurt her health.

She said: “My daughter has only one kidney and an impaired immune system which Lewisham council have failed to take into account.

“They have us both living in a property with many repairs needed, which they have failed to repair. This has left us living in a property which lacks health and safety regulations.

“It’s been a nightmare, I have had enough of them so I felt they needed to be exposed because it’s not how you should be treated.”

A Lewisham Homes spokesperson said: “We did not install this pipework and we have not contracted anyone to do this work. We are liaising with the tenant and will make it clear that the pipework needs to be removed.”