Violence broke out near to a busy Christmas lights event last night when a group of youths allegedly attacked a man.

Police were called to Augustus Lane, Orpington, near the Tesco Extra, at 7.36pm, where a man in his 20s was said to have been punched in the face.

Onlookers took to Facebook to express their shock at the incident, which happened near the Light Up Orpington event - and was witnessed by children and families.

Chloe Clubb Cannon said: “It’s disgusting. Why do people do this? Why not just enjoy the atmosphere? They always have to spoil it! The kids round Orpington are a joke, so rude.”

Mandy Teapot Garlick said: “There was lots of youths screaming, shouting and fighting just further up from the entrance of Tesco at about 7.30pm... what is wrong with them??

“Lots of small children around crying there eyes out. So much for a fun night out for the Christmas lights!”

The alleged attack took place at the same time as the event, which ran from 4pm until 8pm.

Kids got the chance to see Santa and his reindeer. There was also free live music as well as gift and food stalls.

A police spokeswoman said: “A male aged in his 20s is believed to have been approached by another group of males and punched in the face.”

Police say there have been no arrests.