So it’s Christmas day and time for dinner. What will be your centrepiece this year? What will you be cooking in the hope of an "ooh" and an "ahh" from your guests? Turkey? Ham? Goose?

Here's a list of some of the best local butchers in south London - because buying from a butcher often has its advantages over buying from a supermarket - not least in that you can know more about where your meat has come from.

The Proud Sow Butchers - Crofton Park

The Proud Sow Butchers has been operating since 1908 and are one of the older butchers in south east London. They specialise in meat of the highest quality to the residents of Crofton Park. They source their meat from suppliers in Kent and Suffolk who they've known for many years and who can guarantee the quality of the produce.

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Fat Ox - West Norwood

The Fat Ox sells traditional Brazilian cuts of meat, urging you to see why the Brazilians are so revered for their meat. If you are yet to try it then head down to West Norwood.

Do your research - becasue it doesn’t hurt to read around the subject. There are horror stories about the treatment of meat but there are also a huge amount of farmers and butchers who put their heart and soul into looking after their animals, and who are there dedicated to giving you the best quality of produce.

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Wellbeloved Butchers - Deptford

Wellbeloved Butchers has been serving the community of Deptford since 1829 and are consistent in their selling of high-quality meat. They are renowned for their game meat such as venison, pheasant, duck and guinea fowl.

William Rose Butchers - East Dulwich

Each year William Rose has queues that stretch along the high street with customers keen to get their hands on its Christmas meat. These guys specialise in premium quality organic and free-range meat, poultry and game. They only source from suppliers with the highest standards of welfare across the UK.

GG Sparkes - Blackheath

Even though this isn’t situated in the village of Blackheath, residents flock to GG Sparkes because of the amazing customer service and quality of meat. They also sell Gluten-free burgers.

M Moen & Sons Butchers - Clapham

With South Norwood roots, M Moen & Sons now occupy a space right next to Clapham Common tube. They source premium organic and free-range meat and can supply you with not just your Christmas meat but the herbs and spices to go with it.

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The Butchery Ltd - Forest Hill

These Australian Butchers has taken up shop in Forest Hill and are focused on providing the best quality meat. They work hard to sell tasty, native-breed, free-range, pasture-fed dry-aged meat sourced from small farmers who care. They keep the product British and are very proud of the services they can provide.

There are surely many other butcher's shops worthy of a mention. Tell us where they are in the comments below?

And remember - when deciding on a cut, look at the colour. It will vary depending on the animal but fresh meat should have a rich, vibrant colour. Consistency in colour is an indicator of quality, discoloured spots can be a sign of poor handling or meat past its prime.