Bromley Council has cleared 450 tonnes of fallen leaves in just five weeks.

But the annual leaf clearance operation is just getting started. There are around 100,000 trees in the borough that are beginning to drop their leaves.

Many might not pay much attention to the leaves but the council said autumn is the busiest and most challenging season for street cleaning.

Executive councillor for environment William Huntington-Thresher said: “Autumn brings a glorious red and gold colour to our borough.

“Whilst we are fortunate to have so many trees across our Borough, clearing leaves in autumn remains a hugely challenging time for us.

“We have brought in extra leaving crews to help but nevertheless, it is still a sizeable task.

“We are grateful for residents' support who do help clear leaves in their street as part of being a Street Friend.

“I would also ask you not to be tempted to sweep or blow leafs from your gardens onto the road or pavement, which as well as having legal implications, can undo the good work we’ve already done.”

Residents should not sweep leaves from their gardens, drives or pathways into the road, as can block road gullies and could cause flooding.

The council offers a green garden waste wheelie-bin collection service where members of the scheme can dispose of garden leaves through regular home collections, for an annual fee of £60.

For more information on how to join, visit