Bromley market may be moved from its current location.

At a council meeting on Tuesday, plans were discussed to move the market further up the High Street, from where Marks and Spencer’s is up to Market Square.

The plans come as part of a council initiative to invest in Bromley town centre.

It's understood the changes will not affect the number of stalls in the market.

Cllr Peter Morgan, who is responsible for renewal and recreation at Bromley Council, said: “We’re making significant investments in improving the look and feel of Bromley town centre so it can continue to compete at the highest level and attract additional investment.

“Naturally, as part of improving the town centre, we want to improve the quality and performance of the existing market to help make sure that this much-loved market adapts and thrives in a challenging retail environment.

“We are working with market specialists and existing stallholders to achieve these improvements, as their views are important and these discussions are very much ongoing.”

The new market will have a single line of stalls each trading on three sides instead of a double line of stalls which is how it is set up at the moment.

Mr Morgan said: “This will ensure that the shoppers are aware of the shops on either side of the High Street, which is not currently the case.

“Traditional stallholders, who have traded for many years such as haberdashery and fabrics we very much hope, will be part of the new market.

“We will be replacing all of the existing pop up stalls and consultations about the design are about to commence and the views of existing stallholders will be most welcome.”