A group of children from as young as two took the time out of their busy schedules of writing to Father Christmas to sing songs for the older generation.

Kids from Chestnut Tree Day Nursery in Upper Belvedere put on their best show for the good people of the Pop In Parlour, ran by Age UK, in Belvedere.

Ria Webb, an employee at the nursery, said: "The kids really enjoyed it, they sang their songs and nursery rhymes and spoke to the older people.

"They asked them their names and learned about their lives - they made some new friends.

"The older people enjoyed it, you could see the smiles on their faces and that was really lovely."

The nursery took 24 kids, aged between two and four, to the parlour for a morning of entertainment.

Ria said: "The kids were very excited - they couldn't stop talking about it."

The performance was a hit, and an encore might be on the cards as they have been asked back for a festive special.