Like it or loathe it, everyone has an opinion on the Dartford Crossing.

It has been three years since the toll booths have been removed, and crashes and delays at the crossing have been well documented.

More than 3.5 million fines have been dished out to drivers who failed to pay the charge between the booths being axed in November 2015 and November 2016.

In a new poll conducted by Airport Parking and Hotels, drivers have revealed the main way they think the notorious crossing could be improved.

An astonishing 60 per cent of people - 12,169 - said the best way to improve the crossing would be allowing more time to pay the Dart Charge, which currently must be paid by midnight the following day.

20 per cent of people said improved signs and clear payment instructions would hello, and 15 per cent voted for the toll booths to be brought back.

In the poll, three per cent of people said the current system works fine, and one per cent said better press coverage would help people understand the system.

Two per cent said leaflets should be sent out reminding motorists of the charge.

The Department of Transport failed to collect about £32.5m in fines last year issued to people who did not pay the Dart Charge.

The sum refers to tolls the government from motorists, which has been partly because of the number-plate recognition equipment not being up to scratch, it is claimed.

Campaigners have recently start petitioning to send hazardous goods vehicles the other way around the M25 to solve traffic issues at the crossing, with more than 2,000 people backing the idea.