A Beckenham woman has convinced Sainsbury's to provide accessible toilets for sufferers of dementia.

Angela Clayton-Turner, 77, from Beckenham was married to a man who battled Alzheimer’s for 18 years.

She started a campaign to put up signs in toilets to help sufferers of dementia find their way out.

Now Sainsbury's is working with the Alzheimer’s Society to install ‘Way Out’ signs in all their toilets to clearly mark the exit.

Ms Clayton-Turner said: "What a result! I have been talking about the difficulty my husband had finding his way out of public toilets, for some years.

"I am absolutely over the moon that Sainsbury's have taken this problem on board. Hopefully where they lead, other organisations will follow!"

Programme partnerships project manager at the Alzheimer’s Society Emma Bould, said: "We are delighted to see toilets with dementia friendly signage being installed nationally at all Sainsbury’s stores by March 2018.

"Finding and exiting toilets can often be confusing for people living with dementia, causing anxiety when they are out and about.

"This small but significant step will enable people with dementia to quickly find the exit, while also making the route clearer to all customers."