A far-right rally in Bromley was met with opposition from antifacist groups carrying placards.

Supporters of Britain First were outnumbered as they held a 'Persecuted Patriots Rally' on Saturday (November 4) afternoon outside Bromley police station.

The group's leaders Paul Golding and Jayda Fransen are required to sign in at the station following being charged by Kent Police with causing religiously aggravated harassment in May.

The two deny the charges and their case has been adjourned until the New Year.

In response, Britain First organised a march - later rearranged as a static rally - 'in defiance of the police bullies'.

The rally was met with opposition from antifascists and members of Labour, the Liberal Democrats, the Green Party and the Conservatives.

Supporters of Britain First were outnumbered by rival protestors who held placards reading: “Never Again! No to the Nazis.”

Before the rally, the Conservatives, Labour, the Liberal Democrats and the Green parties of Bromley released a joint statement condemning Britain First.

It said: “We have put party politics aside to come together in united opposition to the appearance of a fascist group walking through our town.

“We will stand together in quiet solidarity in Bromley on Saturday to make it clear that this group does not represent the views of the people of Bromley.

“We are an inclusive and all-embracing community in Bromley, we are enriched by our friends, family and work colleagues who come from all corners of the world, who represent all religions and all ethnic backgrounds.

“They are part of our community and we will stand resolute against anyone who seeks to divide us.”

Chairwoman of the Bromley Liberal Democrats, Julie Ireland, praised the police for keeping the protest under control.

She said: “The police were very cooperative. They organised us and gave us advice on where to stand.

“They kept the whole thing under control while still allowing people to express themselves.

Arthur Shaw, a volunteer for Bromley Homeless Shelter, said: “It was great day for the people of Bromley when all creeds, colours, religions, political parties, sex’s, ages, gay and straight can come together to oppose the hate and fear Britain First peddle.

“We can all be very proud it was a fantastic way to spend a Saturday afternoon.”