A disabled mother says she has been "dehumanised" after vandals allegedly stole and trashed her mobility scooter.

The mother-of-one said her scooter was padlocked up inside her block of flats in St Fidelis Road in Erith before a group of "hoodrats" took it, rode it and and abandoned it outside.

The victim, who did not want to be named for personal reasons, said she relied on the scooter to carry on with everyday life because she suffers with Relapse Remitting Multiple Sclerosis.

She said: "They just have no respect. They don't know I owned that scooter, that I need it to go shopping, to get food and medication.

"It would normally take me 15 minutes to get to the doctors, but because they stole my scooter, it took me 50.

"I'm made of thicker skin, but what if that scooter had belonged to a little old lady, or a old man? I'm vulnerable because I am disabled, but that would ruin them. Something has to be done."

The scooter was abandoned 60 yards from the flats and trashed.

She said: "I think it must have been little hoodrats. They have no respect for anyone, they don't know the story behind the mobility scooter.

"They don't know how much it could mean to someone or what impact their actions could have."

A post on social media generated offers for temporary wheelchairs or for the scooter to be fixed.

The victim, 26, said: "It was encouraging to get that response from the community, to know there are people out there who support you. I feel like I have lost my independence because of this though, I feel dehumanised by the whole thing.

"I wouldn't mind if someone would at lease own up for what they have done, and for them to see the impact they have had."

The victim is urging anyone with information about the vandalism to contact police, who have been contacted for further comment.