Is this the world's most expensive computer game? It's about trains and costs a loco £4,000-plus for the complete package.

For the same amount of money as a top-of-the-range gaming PC, trainspotters can pick up a copy of Train Simulator 17 - and all £4,439 worth of downloadable content.

The game charges players extra to drive other, real-life and fictional trains, as well as to pull into different stations.

The original game costs just £24.99, but with a few add-ons such as different coaches from £2.99. driving to Chatham rail station for £6.99 and driving simulated locomotives around Alaska for another £24.99 the costs of the mammoth game soon start to ramp up.

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Web reviewers have slated the original game because there are not enough trains and tracks to play with, but with all the DLC - downloadable content - it becomes one of the largest and most immersive computer games ever.

Reviewer Omega wrote: "Only a few lines are open when you buy the game, with 2 or so locomotives.

"The environment isn't even nice to look at.

"That's not to mention the tons of DLC for different lines, stations, and locomotives!

"This game is absolute trash and a money grab."

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Gamer SirZafer added: "I sold my wife for DLCs."

The game is currently being sold on Steam, which currently has 401 different pieces of add-on content for the title.