If you want to see something spooky in SE London and north Kent, there are plenty of spots to explore.

Another sighting of a 'ghost' in Beckenham's Kelsey Park is the latest in a long line of bizarre goings-on.

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Photo by Loredana Pascaru

For those who like a fright, here are some of the supposedly most haunted places you can visit.

Eltham McDonald's

It is said that a ghost is living in the basement of the Eltham High Street McDonald's, which was formerly the crypt of an old church. The site of McDonald's originally belonged to pastor Henry Dobell who demolished his coachhouse and stables to build the church, which opened in 1868.

Greenwich Foot Tunnel

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If you enter the green dome by the Cutty Sark you’ll find yourself beneath the Thames in a darkly lit passage. This walkway is a menace for echoes and footsteps that don’t necessarily match your own. Are you being followed by a ghost under the leaky roof of the dome?

Queensway Village Bakery, Petts Wood

A young girl returned from the grave to haunt a bakery in Petts Wood, according to the people who worked there.

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The self-raising spectre has caused all sorts of havoc - throwing trays and bread around, switching lights on, and spelling the first few letters of her name in caster sugar.

West Norwood Cemetery Catacombs

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The dank, dark chambers of the West Norwood Catacombs are an underground resting place for London’s Victorian dead. These pigeon holes were built out of respect for the dead, a way to escape the swampy cemeteries that were overloaded with bodies.

The Chequers Pub, Bickley

Staff at an old Bickley pub, reportedly haunted by the spirit of notorious highwayman Dick Turpin, were terrorised by a ghost.

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After two incidents, even the sceptical manager of The Chequers pub in Southborough Lane accepted there may be no other explanation for the strange goings-on.

Paxton Tunnel, Sydenham

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There are whisperings of a train carriage that was found inside the blocked-up tunnels, full of skeletons fully dressed in Victoria finery. Dare you go and take a peek?

High Street, Gravesend

There are too many stories about this place for them not to be true, right? The sound of someone typing but nobody being there, rooms suddenly going cold, the kettle turning itself on and off and the lights flickering. Is it a coincidence?

Charlton House

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Today Charlton House is a popular venue for weddings, but there are whisperings of some haunted goings-ons. You can go on ghost hunts and see if you can find one, why not try and communicate with them? See if they answer back.

Chislehurst Caves

Take it with a big pinch of salt, but the caves could be one of the most haunted places in Bromley at least in terms of potential phantom population. There are reputed to be a selection of ghosts haunting them.

Roxley Road, Lewisham

A few years ago it was claimed a quiet terraced house in this street was home to an evil presence lurking in the bathroom which made lady of the house Eliza Wager feel like “I was suffocating and I pictured there was a child being hung”.

Southfleet Rectory

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This place is said to be haunted by the ghost of a female nurse whose body is believed to be walled up in the cellars. In the mid-19th century, when the nurse was caring for a severely ill patient, it is suggested she tried to fiddle the patient’s will in her favour. There have been several sightings of a ghost in nurse’s uniform, holding a batch of documents.

Biggin Hill Airfield

Another contender for number one haunting hotspot of the Bromley borough. There have been many sightings of ghosts around Biggin Hill, usually the suspected spirits of perished airmen. On investigation, the mystery figures are nowhere to be seen.

Fort Gardens, Gravesend

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There have been dozens of bizarre experiences around the remains of an 18th century fort and site of a medieval graveyard. A dark figure has been seen floating around, while visitors have heard odd noises and felt cold spots.

Woolwich Royal Arsenal

If the stories are to be believed, the Arsenal site is home to a large community of ghosts. It’s estimated there are at least 50 ghosts there, making it one of London's most haunted places. The chair-throwing, kettle drum-playing phantom of Building 41 laughs hysterically while a hair-stroking, button-undoing prostitute has had gunners too scared to enter a basement room.

Kelsey Park, Beckenham

News Shopper: Ghost

Last week's report of a 'ghost' at Kelsey Park was the latest in a series of spooky sightings there.

In 2016 we reported how the ghost of a “drowned Victorian woman” emerged from the water at the park.

Back in 2010 dog walker Paul Reed got a spooky surprise after walking his dog in the park.

Mr Reed was trying to photograph his pet walking past some ducks but the dog suddenly refused to budge. When the photos were uploaded Mr Reed saw what appeared to be some kind of transparent image of a person.

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