Halloween is nearly upon us and the ghosts and ghouls are ready to grace us with their spirits.

The pumpkins are carved and the clocks have gone back to make it especially spooky.

But what are you meant to do with the carved pumpkin once Halloween is over? Just throw it away and let it rot in the bottom of the bin?

If you hate waste why not try making your own pumpkin wine?

You will need:

- 6lb of pumpkin flesh

- 1 piece of fresh ginger the size of a walnut

- 1 gallon of warm water

- 3lb of granulated sugar

- 1x7g of dried yeast

- Juice of three lemons


Cut the pumpkin flesh into reasonably small chunks and chop the ginger really finely.

Place both pumpkin and ginger into a clean bucket.

Pour on the water, add the lemon juice, sugar and yeast – stir well until sugar is dissolved.

Cover with clean cloth or lid and allow to ferment for about a week, stirring every day.

When it has settled down, strain into a sterile demijohn, fix an airlock in place and store in a reasonably cool place for at least six months, or until the wine is clear and sparkly. Bottle in sterile jars and enjoy.

So what do you think? Would you try this?