WhatsApp has announced a new feature on the app that lets you live track your friends.

On the WhatsApp blog today, the company announced the tracking feature which lets you see exactly where your friends are.

The question is...Would you want your friends to be able to see your every move?

The Live Tracking feature works on both Android and iOS so you are never off the radar - but unlike Snapchat's similar feature, it's not automatically on.

Instead, you open a chat with the person or group you want to share with.

Under "Location" in the attach button, there's a new option to "Share Live Location." You choose for how long you want to share - 15 minutes, one hour or eight hours - and hit send.

Then everyone in the chat will be able to see your location on a map, and the location of anyone else who's turned the feature on. 

WhatsApp say: “Whether you're meeting up with friends, letting loved ones know you're safe, or sharing your commute, Live Location is a simple and secure way to let people know where you are.”

The Facebook-owned company is keen to emphasise the security measures taken in order to keep your location details safe. But would you trust it?

WhatsApp is not the first social site to adopt this feature, Snapchat’s Snap Map, Facebook Messenger and iPhone have a ‘Share my location’ setting.

WhatsApp is a hugely popular site with a billion daily active users across the world, with more than 100 million voice calls a day.

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