These days people are careful about what they eat. Organic, gluten-free, and high-welfare foods all fly off the shelves in supermarkets.

But how much care do you take with other products like soap or shampoo? What about nit treatment?

A pair of 'lice assassin' mums from Shortlands have opened a shop to take on kids' nits.

The branch of Hairforce in Farnaby Road, Shortlands, is run by Sarah Marcou and Heather Leveton.

Instead of using strong chemicals to kill off the pests, they use a special lice hoover and then finish the job by hand.

The process is completely chemical-free and takes place over two appointments, seven days apart.

Average infestations costs £100 for the first appointment which takes 1.5 hours, and £50 for the second appointment which takes 1 hour.

Heavy infestations require 2 Lice Assassins to work together for the 1.5 hours and costs £150 for the first appointment.

Very heavy infestations take longer and that extra time attracts a further charge.

Anybody who wants to make an appointment should call: 020 8249 7381.