Morrisons has launched the UK’s hottest ever supermarket curry.

The Volcano Vindaloo contains Naga chillies which are 200 times hotter than a jalapeno. It costs £1.50 and is being sold for a short time to celebrate National Curry Week.

Our reporter Will Nott gave it a go...

I’m not too bad with curries. A madras is my staple when I go for an Indian and I have, on a few boozy occasions, ordered a vindaloo. So, I can handle myself but I’m not that experienced when it comes to spice.

When my editor asked me to try the Volcano Vindaloo I wasn’t fazed.

Not because I’m not tough, I just didn’t think Morrisons would sell a curry that was too hot to eat.

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I thought the safety warnings were a gimmick. ‘There’s probably .0001 per cent Naga chilli in there’ I told myself.

My editor kept saying ‘you know you don’t have to do this Will,’ and I laughed it off.

I kept laughing all the way until he was calling me into his office for my free lunch.

I sat down and looked at the curry. ‘Who’s laughing now?’ it seemed to say. I raised my fork and took my first bite.

It wasn’t that hot. I knew it! There was no way Morrisons would go and make a real hot curry.

Then the heat came. My heart sank, there was a big plate in front of me.

My mouth and tongue started to throb. To make things worse my editor was grinning and trying to get close ups of my reddening face.

I kept going. I have to admit, when you’ve taken on a Facebook Live curry challenge, giving up doesn’t really feel like an option. Would I have finished the curry if I wasn’t being filmed? Maybe.

The heat built and built and by the end I was in pain.

It is a proper, hot curry. I’m not sure it would do much to a seasoned curry eater. But it did for me. My eyes and nose were running. By the time I was done, my arms had gone tingly and I was breathing heavily.

So fair enough Morrisons. The Volcano Vindaloo does what it says on the tin.