A campaigner will not now 'sell' his daughter after plans to build a new school were approved yesterday.

An application to build Bullers Wood School for Boys on St Nicolas Lane, Chislehurst was backed by over 2,000 people.

Planning was denied earlier this year but was granted in a meeting of Bromley Council’s development control committee last night.

One campaigner went to bizarre lengths to help bring the result about.

Andrew Ruck, 42, of Ferndale, Bromley drew attention to the Say Yes to Bullers campaign by putting his daughter up for sale on website Exchange and Mart.

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His reasoning for the sale was as follows:

Mr Ruck’s daughter is a pupil at Bullers Wood School for Girls. He also has a son who is about to finish primary school.

It is easier to get a child onto a school’s place list if they have a sibling there already.

For this reason, Mr Ruck’s son would be able to get a place in Bullers Wood School for Boys because his sister is a student of the girls' school.

If the boy’s school had not got planning permission, having a daughter at Bullers Wood School for Girls would not have helped his son get a place at a school.

Mr Ruck wanted to ‘sell’ his daughter to another family who have a girl. That way the girl could get a school place as the ‘sibling’ of his daughter.

But now planning permission has been given for Bullers to be built, Mr Ruck needs his daughter so his son can join the school.

Mr Ruck said his son is overjoyed that he can go to the new school.

He said: “My son came down this morning and gave me a massive hug and was genuinely relieved.

“He’s been really worried. He said, ‘now I don’t need to worry about lots of bus journeys.’ He’s over the moon.”

Campaigners and parents, including Mr Ruck, filled the council chamber last night when the result came in. Many expected the application to be denied but they were pleasantly surprised.

Mr Ruck said: “The roar in the council chamber was extraordinary. There was a massive outpouring of stunned disbelief and jubilation.”

He praised deputy leader of Bromley council councillor Peter Fortune for backing Bullers. Mr Ruck also praised councillors Nikki Dykes and Neil Reddin for supporting the school.