Shoppers at a superstore in Greenhithe can shop easily every week now thanks to a new scheme.

Asda Greenhithe will be having an 'autism hour' every Tuesday morning from 10 - 11am, making life easier for those shopping with learning difficulties.

This come in part of the National Autistic Society's Autism Hour campaign.

Some shops, such as the Broadway in Bexleyheath, have been dimming the lights and turning down music to make the environment more the 64 per cent of autistic people who avoid shopping.

Mandy Garford, chairwoman of NAS Dartford and Gravesham, said: "Just small adjustments can make a huge difference to someone with autism. They might struggle with the noise or the lighting in a store but by turning off the tannoy or dimming the lights an autistic person may be able go inside and shop.

"We are very thankful that stores and shops like Asda's in Greenhithe have taken part in autism hour and taken a step towards making our communities more autism friendly."

4,938 shops and services will host their own National Autistic Society Autism Hour.

Asda also donated some Lego to NAS D&G for their Lego appeal, and have games for autistic shoppers to play.