London is brimming with picture-worthy spots to rival anywhere in the world but sometimes it can be a battle to get great photos of them thanks to the crowds.

To help you on your way to getting the most Instagrammable images, Currys PC World and Canon have teamed up to bring you expert tips on snapping some of the capital’s greatest landmarks without people getting in the way.

Whether it’s shooting at dawn or dusk, or using a wide-angle lens, these are the tricks professionals use to snap top sights.

St Paul’s Cathedral

News Shopper:

Time photographed: 5am and 10:05am. Credit: Neil Andrews

Tip #1: Do a bit of research before visiting London’s iconic cathedral. Check out the location and other photos of the site using hashtags on Instagram to see where your best angle or point of view may be.

Tip #2: Find a spot where your tripod won’t get moved by pedestrians, traffic or vibrations. Make sure your tripod is stable and level so you don’t get a wobbly shot. If yours has a hook underneath, add a weight to it for added stability.

Cutty Sark

Tip #1: To tackle the world’s oldest surviving clipper, we suggest using a wide-angle lens. Strong lines - both horizontal and vertical – of the masts and bowsprits can add drama and perspective to your photo too. Make sure you include the glass building surrounding the ship. This, along with the walkways, add to the lines in the photo.

Tip #2: Shoot in AV (aperture priority) mode as this optimises the exposure of the shot. This is particularly useful when shooting in low light levels.

Tower Bridge

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Time photographed: 5.20am and 11.50am. Credit: Neil Andrews

Tip #1: Tower Bridge has plenty of strong lines which make for a great photo. For a really stunning snap, make sure strong lines finish in the corner of your frame. If you haven’t quite nailed this when composing your shot – don’t worry. You can always fix it afterwards in the crop.

Tip #2: Shoot at dawn and dusk for the best light. At sunrise, it’s nice to the get the strong colours just before the sun breaches the horizon. Snapping Tower Bridge at dawn doesn’t just bring added texture to the sky due to the early morning light on the clouds, it also means you’ll have a photo without people in it - so people’s eyes will be drawn into the incredible bridge.

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