A TV and Film set company have unveiled plans to transform a derelict building in Catford.

Supersets of Mercy Terrace, Ladywell, have been chosen by Lewisham Council to take over the derelict Thomas Lane Depot in Catford.

The company will build a workshop and use the space to make scenery for TV and film. It will also create a community beach, a skate park, a community mural and will hold drive-in movie nights.

Supersets also want to hold evening classes and apprenticeships from their workshop.

Director of Supersets Steven Patterson said: “Supersets is a truly local business and we passionately believe in collaborating with and supporting the local community. This is why we want to ensure that our workshop can provide something for everybody; from open-air film screening and a skate park, to apprenticeships and educational partnerships, we want to place our workshop at the heart of Catford.”

Supersets is using crowd funding website Spacehive to try and raise £47,098 for the project. So far they have been given £28,327. Anybody who would like to donate should go to: https://www.spacehive.com/creative-community-space-for-catford#/idea.

A number of Lewisham based organisations are supporting the project. Catford Film and Lewisham Youth Theatre are collaborators.

Director of the Lewisham Youth Theatre said: “A partnership with Supersets will enable us to offer design & set construction training. This partnership will be an amazing asset to young people of Lewisham.”

Catford Film spokesman Keith Arnold said: “Catford Film are very excited by Superset's plans for the Thomas Lane depot and encourage everyone to get behind their crowdfunder. We can promise some very exciting events for Catford at the proposed drive-in cinema!”

When Supersets put out a survey to Lewisham residents, it showed that 98 percent of them would like to see an increase in community based initiatives in Catford, and that over 96 percent think that is is important for local businesses to offer training and skills development.

Labour Councillor for Rushey Green James-J Walsh said: “This. Looks. AMAZING!”