It was supposed to be the biggest day of her little sister’s life.

Carly Williams had spent the morning helping sibling Jodie get ready for her lavish wedding at Westminster’s Corinthia Hotel.

Jodie was ready to walk down the aisle before more than 100 guest but first maid of honour Carly had to take her place in front of the guests.

Carly, 34, got to the end of the aisle but then suddenly collapsed, her heart stopping and sending her into cardiac arrest.

Jodie said: “There was a commotion. It’s all a bit of a blur. I turned around and I just saw my sister collapsed on someone. I thought she had fainted, I would have never guessed in a million years what was really going on.

“I thought ‘oh my god what is she doing’! I thought she was having a panic attack and had passed out, so at first I thought she was being a drama queen.

“Someone said she was having a fit which is basically when I screamed. Then I ran away, I don’t really deal with those things very well. The wedding planner took me out of the room. Then it just went from bad to worse.”

Carly’s cousins and a wedding guest performed CPR on her. Luckily the hotel had a defibrillator and the cousins and the guest used it to try and get her heart beating.

Jodie said: “I came back into the room. I was just in shock and so nothing really registered with me. My mum was screaming and she’s usually quite calm.

“I was petrified but I still didn’t understand the seriousness of it. Even when they were all saying she still isn’t coming around it didn’t really register.

“I just thought ‘how is this happening?’”

Carly, of Mayfield Road in Bickley, was taken to St Thomas’ Hosptial and put into an induced coma. Jodie was left at her wedding trying to comprehend what had just happened.

Jodie said: “Everybody kept saying you need to stay in your dress but I just wanted to get out of it and see Carly.

“I went downstairs and said to everybody ‘I’m sorry, my sister is in a coma. I can’t be here, I need to be with her, please eat whatever you want and then go.’

“I didn’t want anybody around me, but I had to do that as it was my wedding day and I hadn’t seen anybody.

“When I saw her in the coma my legs went like jelly. I felt like I couldn’t breathe, it was awful, I was traumatised and scared.”

Carly’s family were told that there was a chance she wouldn’t make it, but she did wake up. She went for an operation and had an implant put in her heart.

Carly said: “I just couldn’t believe it, I thought this can’t be true.

“To begin with I didn’t remember the wedding or much at all and then when I realised, I felt really bad. Her whole wedding had taken a year to plan and it was called off because of me.”

Carly’s children were with her when she collapsed but were quickly taken out of the room by her sister-in-law.

Carly said: “As soon as it happened my sister-in-law tried to get them out of the room and they still don’t know the full extent of what’s happened. I’ve tried to shelter them. They know I collapsed and they know I have a machine inside me now.

“I think they have been worried but they have been good and dealt with it well.”

Doctors still don’t know why she suffered the attack.

Carly said: “I feel like nothing has been fixed. The hospital is brilliant but this is quite common. It's worrying, I’d rather know why.”

Carly spent a month in hospital after the incident in July and Jodie is getting ready to plan another wedding for when her sister has recovered.

Now the sisters are trying to raise money to get a defibrillator into every Bromley school. They also want to train teachers to use the life saving equipment.

They made the decision to raise cash after they learnt schools are not required by law to have defibrillators. The pair are setting up a charity and will soon be accepting donations.

The sisters are running a first aid training event for mums at Carly’s house in Bickley on October 6.

They are also putting on a charity dinner and raffle at Don Giovanni in Homesdale Road, Bromley, on November 16.

Anybody who would like to attend the dinner or the training session or who would like to make a donation, should email Carly on