Apples grown in the grounds of Beckenham's former Victorian psychiatric hospital Bedlam will be used to make a limited edition craft cider.

The Orchard Project charity worked with volunteers and patients at Bethlem Royal Hospital to pick the apples this week.

The charity will be transforming the fruit into a limited edition craft cider and apple juice product, which will be available next year and are believed to be unique for being made entirely from apples found in the capital.

News Shopper: Cider and apple juice are being made from apples grown at the Bethlem Royal Hospital in Beckenham. Photo: SWNS

Abby Cremin, project director, said: "With the food waste problem in London well documented, we see our cider and juice initiative as a vital instrument in attempting to tackle this growing problem.

"We’re also striving to create a shift in culture to a more sustainable use of our naturally abundant food sources."

Rosa Fletcher, head cider maker, added: "Not only are we really keen to up production, our other big ambition is to bring London’s communities together.

"We also hope to pass on orchard maintenance and cider making skills to the next generation of apple enthusiasts."