YOU could be paid for being News Shopper's voice of youth.

A new online youth editor position is being created.

We will be appointing a teenager to write articles for our website, and also to be a point of contact if we need a young person's insight when any youth-related stories come up.

We know from the many comments posted by young people on our website that there are some very strong views out there.

We want to find someone aged between 14 and 17 who can sum up what life is like as a teenager.

We want to know what the main issues and pressures of teenage life are. We want to know what young people are talking about and what is on their minds.

Rather than us writing what we think young people want to read, we want to find someone bold enough to turn the stereotype of a typical teenager on its head and set the youth agenda on News Shopper's website.

The minimum requirement for the youth editor will be to write one article a week. We will also need to contact him / her for their comments sometimes.

Payment for the work will be £50 per month.

If you think you fit the bill, send an email to web editor Simon Bull at telling him why you would make a good online youth editor.

You also need to submit a sample article on any issue or topic close to your heart.

Closing date for applications is August 9.