Woolwich has its own modern-day Houdini who performs danger-defying stunts because extreme marathons weren’t providing enough adrenaline for him.

Escapologist Dave Diamond debuted his Water Torture Cell escape earlier this month (August 18) in Wales, a stunt first performed by Harry Houdini himself in 1911.

Dave Diamond, real name Dave Richards, was placed in glass cage filled with water and he had to unlock the cage from the inside to escape.

When the real Houdini first performed the act, promoters insisted the tank was covered so as not to “cause faintings and panics” amongst the spectators.

Dave, who of course performed the view in full view of the enraptured audience, said he became an escapologist because he enjoyed the adrenaline rush.

He said: “I used to compete in extreme marathons, lasting for days at a time, but over time I wasn’t getting the same adrenaline rush as I used to and I decided I needed a new challenge.

“I had always had a fascination with feats of endurance and decided that this would be my next adventure.”

The Woolwich Houdini sought help from renowned escapologist Russel Erwood as they trained for 18 months in the lead up to the feat.

Russel said: “This is also a new challenge for me. I have performed or consulted on all of Houdini’s escapes during my career, apart from this one.

“When Dave contacted me I jumped at the chance to be involved. How could I possibly say no.”