There have been more than 150 successful prosecutions for littering in Bexley borough since the Council’s environmental enforcement service started last October - with combined fines and costs for the culprits totalling over £56,000.

Where an offender has decided not to pay the Fixed Penalty Notice after being caught littering, action has been taken through Bexley Magistrates' Court.

Councillor Peter Craske, cabinet member for community safety, environment and leisure said: “Our stance is firm on this. The Council will not tolerate this anti-social and criminal behaviour which blights our borough.

"Those taken to court generally end up paying a lot more than had they paid the initial £80 fixed penalty. On average, once taken to court, they are facing combined fines and costs amounting to over £350 each. On top of that they end up with a criminal record.

"Our message is clear - don't litter in our borough or you must face the consequences."

The council's environmental enforcement came under scrutiny earlier this year after a Panorama investigation revealed scare tactics and 'bonus type' payments for officers who issued more fines.

Bexley Council recently extended the pilot scheme for another year.

A full list of people caught littering has been released by the council and can be found here:

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