If it’s good enough for the Grand Hotel in Brighton*, I reckon it's good enough for the back yard at my flat.

Artificial grass is now all the rage and the way it’s developed and improved it’s easy to see why its popularity is soaring - the latest examples are incredible, not only do they look great but they also feel brilliant underfoot.

So, when I was contacted and asked to take a look at Grass Direct’s range to consider which particular variety I would like to try I jumped at the chance.

I was sent a sample book, much the same as you might receive if you are choosing a new carpet – but this was much more exciting - the range is excellent and after a good deal of consideration I decided upon Cape Verde.

I measured the back yard at my seaside flat and in no time at all it was delivered. The turf arrived in exactly the same way you would receive a new carpet – it was carefully rolled but don’t be fooled, it’s heavier than it looks.

I could just about fit it into my car in one piece and deliver to the hallway of the flat.

Sadly our recent summer weather means that is exactly where it stayed for several weeks.

However, I’m delighted to announce that recently we had just enough sunshine for my friend Mark and me to get it laid down.

Not knowing exactly what to expect or, to be honest, what we were doing, we carried the turf into the back yard at 11.30am hoping to have it down, finished and tidy by lunchtime.

In the end we decided to opt for a sharp pair of scissors as our tool of choice and with one of us supporting the weight of the turf the other was able to cut the black rubberised backing fairly easily.

It’s hard to believe, and I have to say it wasn’t the most difficult area to measure, but we had it all sorted and had deckchairs in place to be drinking cold beer by 12.15pm - perfect. And that included sweeping up, pulling out a few weeds first and even fending off a pesky young dog!

Sadly the sun hasn’t kept its hat on since the grass went down but the weather has only served to show this was exactly the right decision.

And, choosing the Cape Verde variety was a good decision too – not only does it look great but it also feels really good underfoot, whether you’ve got your shoes on or off.

It’s incredibly low maintenance as it’s easy to brush up leaves or other debris. In fact, what works even better if you have one is a blower.

When I was first offered the chance to try out this artificial grass I wasn’t sure what to expect.

It has only been down for a few weeks and I am already sold. It is incredibly easy to maintain in all weathers, feels great to walk on and looks brilliant.

I can certainly understand why more and more people are opting for artificial grass.

If I was you I’d make the change right now, before we run out of summer days altogether.

For more information go to www.grass-direct.co.uk

* The Grand Hotel in Brighton has opted to use artificial grass for its entrance due to the low maintenance required and the great, consistent look whatever the weather.