Budget clothes retailer Primark has settled a debate that has never raged – how to pronounce its name.

Does the first syllable of the company’s name rhyme with eye or tea is the question that’s come out of nowhere and somehow become a thing. Is it Prymark or Preemark?

Despite it seeming to be only a few oddballs up north that are confused, Primark says on its website that asking how to correctly say its name is a “very good question”.

It goes on to answer it with: “We like to use Pr-Eye-Mark.”

So there we have it – it’s said in exactly the same word as prize, private and … is there actually any word starting with ‘pri’ that isn’t pronounced ‘pry’?

Most people on social media have reacted with surprise to the confirmation – surprise that it was even an issue. Such as these people:

But there are a few who won’t be moved whatever the company itself declares:

Have you ever heard anyone say Primark with the 'ee' sound instead of 'eye'? Tell us in the comments below about the shock this caused you and what you did to put them right.