A Lewisham entrepreneur has launched a new venture using data to help Londoners explore the rapidly growing range of craft beer being brewed in the capital.

Hoppist, a new craft beer delivery service specialising in London-based breweries, sends a box of beers to their customers each month. 

Customers can rate their beers, while Hoppist’s algorithms build taste profiles for each customer and find beers that other customers with similar tastes also liked to pick which beers to send them the following month.

Michael Millar, founder of Hoppist said: “After coming across my local craft brewery, Brockley Brewery, I found out there are loads of small breweries all over the city.

"The craft beer boom has really taken hold here. In fact there’s now over 90 breweries in London brewing all kinds of great beer. 

“Keeping up with all the beers brewed across the city can be quite hard work, so our customers love the convenience of having the latest beers chosen for and brought to them. 

"They also tell us that our system means that they don’t get many beers that they don’t like, which can be a frustrating part of discovering new things.”

Small, local breweries can find it difficult to compete with larger companies for space in pubs and supermarkets, but Hoppist helps them to reach London’s beer lovers by featuring brand new breweries like Villages in Deptford alongside some of London’s larger, better known breweries.