Sewage has poured into a Bromley pond because a pipe was not connected to the network properly.

Waste water, including toilet waste, went into Glass Mill Pond in Glass Mill Lane.

The pollution incident did not result in any contamination of the water supply in the area, according to Thames Water.

The Glass Mill Pond connects to the River Ravensbourne which in turn connects to the Thames.

A spokesperson from Thames Water said: “We’re aware of an issue at Glass Mill Pond, and have been on site since Sunday morning working hard to clear it up.

"It’s because of misconnection issues to our sewer network from local businesses, and we’re currently talking to the businesses in question to resolve them.

"There have been several incidents in the past at this spot, so it’s important we resolve the root cause."

Environmentalists took pictures of the pond and posted them on Twitter. The pictures showed birds swimming in the pollution.

Paul de Zylva, who is chairman of a river restoration group called QWAG said: "Bad plumbing in of washing machines, baths and toilets is a huge hidden cause of pollution in our rivers and waterways.

"We're losing count of the number of times this has happened in the past year. Pollution in the Mill Pond travels all the way along the River Ravensbourne and into the Thames. It's not a minor local matter.

"The Environment Agency and local councils need to crack down on developers who are not doing a proper job with new builds and renovations. The polluter must pay."

The pond has suffered multiple pollution incidents including a serious oil pollution incident in March this year.

Lawrence Collins, who is the Catchment Partnership Coordinator for the Ravensbourne rivers at Thames21, said that preventing pollution from entering the pond can be very difficult.

He said: "Thames Water and the Environment Agency have a huge task on their hands at Glassmill as the underground channel system upstream is so complex.

"Where there are extensive residential and infrastructure constraints above the channel it is extremely difficult to address the problem.

"While it is depressing to see such pollution, it is hoped that the agencies can try and resolve the issue as soon as possible. "

Although there are photographs of birds swimming in amongst the pollution the Environment Agency said that no damage was done to the pond’s wildlife.

A spokesperson from the Environment Agency said: "The Environment Agency was made aware of discolouration to Glass Mill Pond and downstream of the River Ravensbourne in Bromley over the weekend.

"Our officers visited the sites and carried out an inspection of the watercourses. They found no signs of wildlife in distress or any negative impacts on local water quality but our monitoring of the area continues."

The Environment Agency is looking in to how the incident occurred and is asking members of the public who have more information to contact 0800 807 060.