Could the Bromley Batman have saved the day once more? Or is there another masked man rescuing damsels in distress?

Harriet Winger was on her way back home past the War Memorial at around 11pm yesterday (Thursday, July 20) after a night out at the Wrong Un pub in Bexleyheath Broadway when she said she noticed young men by two parked cars.

The 31-year-old said: "As I crossed over to avoid them, them came bouncing over like little children and starting asking if I had a light to which I said no."

The encounter was far from over however.

"They kept on walking after me then one of them tried to grab my handbag from me," Harriet said. "I resisted and he pulled so hard I fell over and into the road.

"I shouted out for help but no-one was around."

As the pair rifled through her handbag, it seemed as though all hope was lost.

It was now that something amazing happened.

"Then came running over a man about 6ft with brown hair, large muscle build, wearing all black and grey with a mask that covered the lower part of his face."

Could it be the Bromley Batman?

"He grabbed the man holding my bag and got him into some kind of wrist lock and kicked the other man straight in the face and he went down," Harriet said.

"The guys in the other car screeched away and drove off.

"He then laid the man in the wrist lock on the floor and looked around at me whilst holding him down and said 'come here, it's ok, take your bag'."

Overwhelmed by the situation, Harriet was lost for words.

The masked man on the other hand had a message for the damsel in distress.

"It's ok, my name's Guardian, don't be scared," the vigilante said."Look at these men, you never need to fear them ever."

Harriet then took her bag and ran away as fast as her heels allowed and never looked back.

Could this Guardian be the same man who less than a month ago saved a couple on their way back from a romantic night out in Croydon?

Harriet isn't so sure.

"I don't think this was him because of the way he has been described and the name he gave me," she said.

Looks like there's a new hero in town.