A mother of an autistic girl has written to staff at The O2 Arena because she was so blown away by what they did for her daughter.

15-year-old Lily went to see her favourite band Linkin Park on July 3, but her mum was worried about how she would react to the conditions during the concert.

Catherine, Lily’s mum, said that her daughter can be overwhelmed by heights, high ceilings and noise.

Her apprehension was completely annihilated by what she described as “the more amazing level of care, compassion and consideration that I have ever seen.”

Catherine wrote a letter to the O2, published by The National Autistic Society with their names changed, expressing her gratitude.

She wrote: “I can only say a million thank yous. If anyone reading this has an autistic child, you will know and understand the enormous investment we make when we offer new experiences to our child or when we support them in achieving their aims.”

When the staff learned that Lily was autistic, they helped get her new seats when she couldn’t handle the noise and height of her original seats.

The staff member who helped them, a man called Matthew, even went and took photos of the stage to show Lily so she could build herself up before entering.

Information about Lily’s autism was passed amongst the O2 staff members which meant

The amazing, efficient, calm and thoughtful actions of every member of staff we met supported us both, and resulted in an unforgettable evening.

“The O2 is all about memorable and enjoyable events for all, and you absolutely followed through for us.

“You have amazing staff, working in a time when security and safety is at the forefront of our minds, you kept us all safe and you were still able to put the happiness of one child high on your priorities.”

A spokesperson from The National Autistic Society said: “There are more than 1 in 100 people in the UK on the autism spectrum, and many struggle to cope with unfamiliar places, sights and sounds which others are able to filter out, such as artificial lighting, loud music or large crowds.

“We welcome and applaud The O2 for making their venue so autism friendly for Lily and we hope other organisations can take inspiration from their actions that evening.”