A school in Bexleyheath has appointed its fifth headteacher in six years.

Bexleyheath Academy has announced the departure of Mark Pinchin, who was appointed head of the school only last year.

A spokesman for the academy told News Shopper: "Mr Pinchin will be leaving at the end of the term, and Academies Enterprise Trust has accordingly put in place interim arrangements to provide continued and strong leadership and support for Bexleyheath Academy through to the appointment of a new headteacher."

Mr Pinchin replaced Jan Atkinson in September last year.

The school was inspected by Ofsted in March 2016 and was told it now required improvement after previously being rated as 'good'.

After a follow up inspection in May this year, Inspectors wrote to Mr Pinchin to say: "Since joining the school in September 2016, you have taken prompt and effective action to raise standards following the last inspection, where developments were too slow."

The Academy was told it required improvement by Ofsted in effectiveness of leadership and management, the quality of teaching, learning and assessment, personal development, behaviour and welfare

and outcomes for pupils.

The school was rated good for 16 to 19 study programmes.

Comments on social media were mixed about the changes.

One commenter said: "My son is coming to the end of Year 7 and from our journey so far his first year has been a good one. Yes there are some supply teachers. Yes there have been teachers leaving but as in any job when there is new management does it not usually mean a high staff turnover?? Academy status unfortunately turns schools into businesses but just wanted to out in that our experience has been a good one bar one teacher which was dealt with."

However, another said: "That school has had staffing and leadership issues for many years, and it looks as if things haven't improved."

The spokesman for Bexleyheath Academy said: "John Szynal, Executive Principal of Maltings and New Rickstones Academies in Witham, Essex, has been appointed as Executive Principal of Bexleyheath Academy. Mr Szynal is an outstandingly effective Principal, under whose leadership Maltings Academy has progressed to an Ofsted rating of Outstanding, while New Rickstones Academy improved at its last rating up to Good, and is continuing on a strong trajectory of consistent improvement.

"Mr Szynal will be at Bexleyheath Academy full-time to lead and support the school as from September, when one of his first priorities will be to hold evenings for parents and assemblies for students."

Since September 2011, Rover Dore, Carl Wakefield, Jan Atkinson and Mark Pinchin have held the role of Principal.