Pupils at a school in Crayford have been fundraising for a new lollipop person after a student was knocked down by a car outside the school.

Students at St Paulinus CofE Primary School in Iron Mill Lane ‘dressed up to be seen’ as the school and parents raised funds and awareness for road safety.

The school raised more than £450 on the day and even sold traffic light coloured ice creams at the end of the day.

Sarah Young, headteacher at the school, said: “We were raising awareness for our children for people who drive past the school and park dangerously.

"The children 'dressed to be seen'.

“It is an ongoing issue and we were working together with parents.

“The money will go on signs and banners but we want to soon pay for a lollipop person.”

A child was knocked down outside the school recently and Mrs Young said this sparked them into taking action on the issue.

She said: “The students had a really great day, they took part in activities and the parents were generous.

“Lollipop people are expensive and the parents have been very generous. We are raising as much as we can.”