Transport for London has listened to calls from a local councillor to install wildlife crossings after a gaggle of geese started routinely crossing the road in Bellingham.

As previously reported in the News Shopper, geese had been entertaining drivers by carefully observing the rules of the road to get to the other side.

The geese were routinely crossing Bromley Road near Peter Pan's Pond in Bellingham.

However, following the news that a group of geese had been hit by vehicle and left in the road, Councillor Alan Hall called on signs to be installed to alert drivers to the wildlife.

He said: “It is wonderful to have nature close up and present in our city and with a little help from their friends, the presence of these geese could be alerted to motorists who would then be aware that they need to take care.”

A spokesman for TfL said they were happy to put up some signs.

The spokesman said: “We were asked by the council and community to do so as there are geese there and we are happy to.

“We’ll be installing the signage within the next two weeks.”

Cllr Hall tweeted: “Really pleased TfL have agreed to put up signs on Bromley Road to warn drivers ‘geese crossing’”