McBusted's dads played the main stage at British Summer Time on Saturday night, performing a live version of the soundtrack to every popular 90s teen movie.

Just kidding, it was Green Day of course.

The American punk-rock band (don't tell John Lydon I called them punk) put in a 160-minute shift to 65,000 screaming and jumping fans at Hyde Park.

They started with Know Your Enemy, blasted through 20-odd other songs such as Boulevard of Broken Dreams, When I Come Around and Basket Case, and ended with Good Riddance (Time of Your Life).

Here are a few things we learnt during the night.

Green Day really don't like Donald Trump

From an early rallying cry of "no racism, no sexism, no homophobia and no Donald Trump" to an angry shout of "f*** you Donald Trump" during American Idiot, it's clear the American idiot, sorry, American president wouldn't be welcome with open arms at a Green Day show any time soon.

Billie Joe Armstrong lies

The guyliner-laden frontman tells porkies. He told tens of thousands of witnesses that "we don't give a s**t about a curfew" and "we're going to play all night long, we might even play into tomorrow who knows? No one is going to stop us." But he lied. Sure, two-and-a-half hours is impressive but it wasn't the all-nighter he promised.

News Shopper:

But Billie Joe Armstrong is a very generous man

A few points during the show fans were pulled up from the audience to perform with the band. It worked out when singers were required, not so well when someone was required to play a bit of guitar. The first girl who went up on stage clearly couldn't play a note. Eventually, a second girl managed better - and was amazingly even given the guitar she played to keep.

And Billie Joe Armstrong loves England

He loves England a lot. There were so many times when he told the crowd how much he loves this country and how the band were having their best ever time in London. He even unfurled a British flag at one point. He's perhaps not such a fan of the weather though, joking "that big fiery ball in the sky is called the sun".

Billie Joe Armstrong is not a Belieber though

In a cheeky dig at Justin Bieber, who will be headlining BST on Sunday night, Armstrong thanked the bands who had performed earlier on Saturday, adding it had been "a lot better than it will be tomorrow".

People are arses

From the arses who insisted on barging their way through the crowd throughout the show to the arses throwing beer around to the super-arses letting off flares (how the hell did they get them in?!), there were a fair few people who did not enrich the experience of watching Green Day.

Roy Larner is a hero

Remember Roy Larner? He was the man who shouted “f*** you, I’m Millwall” as he ran towards the London Bridge terrorists to protect others and was stabbed five times. Punk veterans Rancid, who were on stage before Green Day, dedicated a song to him, declaring to the crowd that he is a hero who deserves a knighthood.


For those of you who were at Hyde Park and wondered what went wrong with the first girl who went up on stage to play guitar with Green Day, we have news.

The girl, who's 15 and from London but asked not to be named, has been in touch to explain what happened.

She said nerves and shyness got the better of her rather than lack of guitar playing skills - but there was a happy ending still.

She told me: "When I saw so many people I got quite nervous and was shaking a bit but I still found it really fun and amazing.

"I think they could see I was really nervous so Billie said to go stand up with Tre (the drummer) and at the end of the song he gave me his drumsticks.

"I wasn't disappointed at all though because I was quite scared so they put me out of the centre of attention and I got to meet them which was really amazing.

"Also I was really happy for  the other girl who also got a chance to play the guitar and meet them. The show was completely brilliant as well so there is no way I could find it disappointing."

So, she still had a great time and got to take some famous drumsticks home - how lovely is that?