The ‘Bromley Batman’ has struck again, saving a couple who were on a romantic night out in Croydon.

Kyla Simpson had just finished a lovely night out together with her husband Tom to celebrate their anniversary when she says they were faced by to men trying to mug them.

Kyla said: “We noticed two stumbling men walking towards us, starting to shout things, so we decided to give them a very wide birth.

“The men came over and pushed me first, to which my husband stepped in and got punched in the face.

“One of the men told my husband to give them his wallet and phone all whilst hurling verbal abuse at both of us.

“We were so scared for our life but my husband kept his cool and tried to reach into his pocket for some loose change to give them.”

It looked like all hope was lost for the couple and their night would be ruined, but it was at this point the caped crusader burst onto the scene.

Kyla said: “Then literally out of nowhere a man dressed in black head to toe walked in front of my husband and told the two men to leave right now.

“One told him to 'f*ck off you pr*ck' and went to hit him but then the man in black went into action.

“He struck the man on the nose and kicked him in the belly and he went down to the ground.

“The man’s friend jumped on the man in black’s back to which he then grabbed the man and flung him right over his shoulder and onto the pavement and hit him until they both said words to the effect of “stop mate stop its cool”. They got up and literally ran away.

“The man in black turned to us and said get home quickly and asked if my husband was ok because of his bleeding nose to which he replied yes. And he then just jogged away.”

The vigilante hero’s identity remains unknown, although he has said in the past he prefers to be called 'The Shadow' because he has fought crime across south London.

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While this time this mysterious masked hero never said who they were, Kyla reckons it’s the same Bromley Batman.

She said: “The man in black was heavily stubbled and about 6ft 2 with a bandana mask a bit like in the Zorro movies, he was well built and looked like he could handle himself.

“I’ve now gone online and looked up this man for more sightings and it sounds eerily like the Bromley Batman.

“I didn't know who to contact about all this as we have kids as well but just wanted to thank this man for helping us get home safely.”

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