A micropub in Crayford is celebrating selling its 1,000th different cask ale to punters in its first two and half years of being open.

Husband and wife team Bob and Beverly Baldwin have been running the Penny Farthing in Crayford Waterside since September 2014.

Now the micropub is celebrating selling its 1,000 cask of ale, made by Bexley Brewery.

Ms Baldwin said: “It was an ale called Motueka Pale Ale brewed by Bexley Brewery, it is made of New Zealand Hops.”

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The Penny Farthing is in Waterside, Crayford. 

The Penny Farthing serves different beers, pale ales and stouts to both regulars and those who come to visit.

Ms Baldwin said: “We try to have a good range of real ales and traditional ciders. All the beers are taken from the cask. There is no bar, there is table service and you can see where the beers are coming from.”

The Penny Farthing won the Campaign for Real Ale’s pub of the year for Bexley in 2015, coming third at the regional stage, and won the award again in 2016, this time coming second in the regionals.

The pub won the award for a third time in three years and is hoping for a win at the regionals later this year.

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Ms Baldwin added: “We mainly use local breweries but we get beers in from far and wide. It is important for us to use the small breweries and offer all the different ales.”

The pub raised funds for charities by selling envelopes with dates in that punters thought the 1,000 cask would be sold, with the winner picking June 1.

The money was split between a winner and two local charities.

The Penny Farthing sells different beers each week, and offers soft drinks and wine as well.