Facebook marketplace is a strange and relatively new selling market, re-opening in October 2016 after originally failing to gain traction back in 2007.

Most of the goods on sale are the typical type of things you would see on Ebay, Gumtree or Craigslist, such clothes and electronics.

However sometimes you come across some truly unusual things for sale on the Facebook marketplace that makes it worth visiting as the world’s oddest car boot sale.

Here are some of the strangest things on sale on the Facebook marketplace in the borough of Greenwich.

  • Catering food trailer: £3,500

News Shopper:

This would be hard to sell out of a car boot so why not the Facebook marketplace. You have to start being an entrepreneur somewhere, and this comes with a big chip fryer already installed.

  • 24 baby head bands: £5

News Shopper:

From a young mum who either really liked tying cute ribbons on her daughter’s head, or whose friends and relatives thought she really liked tying cute ribbons on her daughter’s head.

  • Bing bong cuddly toy: £10

News Shopper:

The imaginary friend from Pixar’s movie seems like a normal toy at first, but the way the photo is shot I’m pretty sure this version of Bing Bong will rip out your heart and show it to you while it laughs manically.

  • Bee hives: £100

News Shopper:

Otherwise referred to as a nuc, or a nucleus colony, it consists of a queen bee and her workers together, inside this wooden beehive frame. I thought beekeepers would have their own marketplace, but I suppose Facebook caters to all.

  • Body armour: £20

News Shopper:

There are a lot of clothes for sale on Facebook marketplace, most of them a lot more fashionable than a piece of body armour. However those fashionable cardigans cannot protect you from a gun.

  • Soviet memorabilia badges: £5 each

News Shopper:

Sometimes you can find pieces of history on the marketplace, such as these badges from the old Soviet Union. The red and gold one is a badge commemorating the Soviet 50 year anniversary.

  • Golliwog: On demand

News Shopper:

You won’t see one of these for sale in a regular store. Children across the country used to have golliwogs before modern sensibilities meant the caricature doll was quietly faded out of toy stores.

  • Toyota Celica: On demand

News Shopper:

Looks nice and the seller is open to whatever price you offer, until they mention the fact that the car can’t reverse.