A gaggle of geese have been entertaining drivers in Bellingham by carefully crossing the road.

Drivers have been stopping to let the feathered family cross Bromley Road near Peter Pan's Pond.

However three of the gosling's were reportedly run over last week, which has led to calls for warning signs to be put up in the area.

Sally Olivia, who lives nearby told News Shopper: "This [the geese crossing the road] has happened twice a day since the babies have been born. Some absolute idiot has hit three of these goslings, one is laying dead in the kerbside, another with a broken leg and blood all over it by the pond and then the third one is no where to be seen

"The driver of this car just carried on driving and didn't even stop. I feel really saddened. One family is left with only three goslings now."

Councillor Alan Hall has called for signs to alert drivers to the geese.

He said: “The sight of the adult geese shepherding the goslings from the historic Peter Pan’s Pond in Bellingham across one of London’s main roads in heavy traffic is truly impressive and shows how resilient these creatures can be.

“It is wonderful to have nature close up and present in our city and with a little help from their friends, the presence of these geese could be alerted to motorists who would then be aware that they need to take care.”