Filmmakers south London have described their excitement as their short film has registered interest from major TV networks.

The film had a Bafta screening last week ahead of a screening in Cannes.

Zane Smythe, the film’s co-director, said their sci-fi film was opening doors for them they couldn’t have dreamed of. 

He said: “The feeling is amazing to have such interest especially early in a few of our careers.  

“I believe it’s a great opportunity for each of us to continue to build a revolution inside of ourselves to inspire and encourage our communities, as well as pursue our dreams.”

Capture is a ten-minute short shot in two days in January by young filmmakers Alex Igbanoi, from Greenwich, Jahrome Scott-Brereton from Battersea and Dee’ Williams, from Southwark. 

Andre Fyffe from Stonebridge in North London also helped produce the short. 

Zane, 25 and from Battersea, said: “The film is about a distressed woman is on the run after stealing the world's most advanced breakthrough in technology and medicine to save its inventor, who is her father.

“Her careless attempt to control this technology accidentally puts the lives of others at risk.”

The film was shown at a private screening at Bafta and will also be shown in Cannes on June 17.

Speaking about the BAFTA screening, Zane said: “It was great, we got a great reception. It was great for our friends and family, they were all there.

“I can’t think of anything like this. It is a sci-fi short and we are speaking about developing it into a six-part series.

“I think it’s authentic.”

The film’s screening at Bafta was attended by around 80 people, including representatives from TV networks who Zane said have expressed interest in taking the film further.

“It’s very exciting. Hopefully in Cannes it will just be crossing some Ts and dotting some Is.”