The largest redevelopment of Bexley since the 1930s was announced as part of a major “once in a lifetime” house-building project.

The leader of the council, Councillor Teresa O’Neill, said Bexley needs to grow with London as the city looks east for development opportunities as she announced plans to build 30,000 homes, bringing in 17,000 jobs.

The dense growth in the borough will be focused on the north of the borough, according to the draft strategy.

31,500 new homes and 17,000 new jobs in infrastructure, including new GPs and teachers, were announced last night in Bexley’s manifesto for growth.

Jane Richardson, assistant chief executive for growth and regeneration, said: “We want to renew and regenerate. We need a range in tenures and an increase in supply, from those who want to rent to those who want to buy.

“This is about creating communities.”

Housing association Peabody has announced plans to develop on a milllion square feet of land as part of an 11,500 housing regeneration scheme.

The growth is reliant on infrastructure cabinet members noted the importance of Crossrail.

Seb Solom, head of strategic planning and growth, said: “Central to our structure is the expansion of the Crossrail to Abbey Wood. It will come to us in around 2018.

“This has the potential to unlock significant growth, and unlock significant access to London and other employment hubs like Heathrow and down in to Kent.”

The strategy has been developed in collaboration with Transport for London.

Much of the development will be focused near railway stations, with a mix of homes and high rises.

Councillor Linda Bailey, cabinet member for regeneration and growth, said: “We have to keep Bexley’s identity. This will be the largest amount of building since the 1930s and it will bring thousands of jobs with it.”

The proposals have the backing of both parties, with Labour supporting the ideas behind it.

The shadow member for regeneration and growth, councillor Danny Hackett, said: "Broadly speaking, Bexley Labour group is in favour of the draft growth strategy.

"However, we must make sure that infrastructure comes either first or alongside new homes, and these homes need to be be a good mix and include affordable housing.

"This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to shape our borough and do our best for Bexley to make it a better place to live, work and socialise."