A man who says he was dragged out of a Lidl store in Bellingham by staff has urged other people not to shop there.

Brian Pearson went to the Lidl store on Southend Lane in Bellingham at around 6pm on March 3 when he was confronted by staff who believed he had taken something.

It’s the second time in less than a month locals in south-east London have fallen afoul of aggressive Lidl staff after a mother was reportedly thrown into a bush by a Lidl manager in Sidcup.

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Mr Pearson said: “I could not find want I wanted so I left the store without buying anything. On my way out I was stopped by their security guard who asked to look inside my shopping bag

“I refused as I had done nothing wrong. I told him to call the police if he has any proof.

“He then grabbed hold of me and tried to drag me around the back of shop. Two members of staff came over and helped him take me though the side door. They searched my bag and asked to look inside my coat.

“I suffer with high blood pressure. This was a very distressing time for me. I have never stolen anything in my life.

“How could Lidl be allowed to treat people like this? Readers need to know about this awful store.”

A spokesperson from Lidl said: “We have security guards in our stores to ensure a safe and secure environment for our customers and employees.

“We do not condone any behaviour that could be deemed inappropriate or offensive and, as such, would urge the customer to please get in touch with our customer services team so that we can fully investigate the matter with the external security company that we work with.”