The start date of the inquiry into the controversial New Bermondsey compulsory purchase order has been announced.

The inquiry, which will be led by Lord John Dyson, will begin next month and is planned to close by the end of the year.

£500,000 has been set aside for the investigation and the report will be made public.

A statement on Lewisham Council's website said: "Former Master of the Rolls and Supreme Court judge, the Right Honourable Lord John Dyson, will carry out an independent inquiry into matters related to Lewisham Council's proposed compulsory purchase order of land at New Bermondsey/Surrey Canal.

"On 22 February 2017 Lewisham Council decided to establish an independent inquiry, and that it should be led by someone independent of all parties involved, with the integrity and authority to carry out the review in the rigorous, open-minded and unbiased manner that the public will expect.

"Accordingly, the Council agreed unanimously to approach the Chairman of the Bar to appoint a skilled and independent person. The Chairman of the Bar, Andrew Langdon QC, has appointed Lord Dyson."

The investigation follows months of controversy surrounding the planned Compulsory Purchase Order, off-shore developer Renewal and funding claims made by Surrey Canal Sports Foundation.

Links between current and former Lewisham councillors and employees have also been flagged up as areas of concern.

The investigation should consider ‘the propriety or otherwise of the behaviour of all Members and officers involved in all stages of the process of consideration of the proposed CPO', according to a report.

It is recommended in the report that the investigation looks into the £500,000 pledge made by Lewisham Council to Surrey Canal Sports Foundation, and whether the council were misled by claims of support from Sport England.

The Greater London Assembly Housing Zone allocation, which would give the developers an additional £2million, will also be investigated.