AN author from Hawley has been scaring her readers witless with her new novel.

Alison Buck's second novel, Abiding Evil, is a supernatural thriller about a group of friends and families who hold a reunion at a hotel within in a forest where, unbeknown to them, a string of strange disappearances have haunted the residents. And it does not take long for the party to be affected.

Although Alison avoids the gore aspects associated with Steven King's novels, a heavy penchant for strange goings-on is not the only thing they share. The writers are similar in plot, tone and setting.

"Some people have said my books are similar to Steven King," she agreed. "I suppose my writing it a bit like his.

"I don't like gore and gratuitous violence. It does not appeal to me. There is enough of that about already.

"I'm more into creepy tension and darkness of character."

Her first book, Devoted Sisters, also has a twist but this time the plot has taken a more sinister turn.

She said: "For this book, I felt drawn to the darker side and wanted to see if I could scare myself a bit.

"People like to be frightened but in a controlled way.

"You wouldn't want to read this book when alone at night, but people said they still enjoyed the scare."

She added: "I don't like it when early on in something you can guess the ending. But it is hard to judge if you've made it too obvious"

Alison knew she had concealed the surprise well, based on her publisher's response.

"If it takes an editor by surprise, you know you have done it right."

Abiding Evil is published by Alnpete Press. For details, visit