South London men who wear blue clothes in their online dating profile pictures reckon they are much more likely to get picked for a date than ‘losers’ who wear yellow.

A whopping 35 per cent of men say blue is the best thing they can wear to get matches on dating apps – and women seem to agree.

Almost 40 per cent of women in south London prefer a man dressed down in blue jeans and a T-shirt rather than those that wear smarter clothes on apps like Tinder.

The cheeky study of London dating app style has revealed what really gets those fingers swiping right.

Despite there being apps dedicated to finding the right servicemen, fewer than one in 10 women say they like a man in uniform.

While 35 per cent of south London lads think they will get the most matches wearing blue, and 29 per cent prefer black, only a measly 0.56 per cent reckon they could get lucky wearing yellow.

Both men and women say they think blokes look best in slim -fit threads, but only three per cent of women would opt for a skin-tight dress to try and pull online.

When the question was of the men, 33 per cent of them surprisingly said that they also preferred women who had a more relaxed look, finding the more casual outfit the most attractive.

The study of 1,000 men and women was commissioned by Reem Clothing.

A spokesperson for said: “Cheekily, an additional 12 per cent of men still opted for a woman in uniform.

“But for the ladies, a Little Black Dress still makes them feel most attractive, with one in three women admitting they feel sexiest in black – which was overwhelmingly their colour of choice.”