A Greenhithe councillor has said that “good things come to those who wait” following London Resort Company Holdings change in leadership in charge of the Paramount Entertainment Resort project.

Councillor David Mote, who represents Greenhithe at Dartford Council, said that good things come to those that wait after another change in leadership at the proposed London Paramount Entertainment Resort in Swanscombe was recently announced.

First announced five years ago, the project has had a number of different leaders try to spearhead the resort that would be built on the Swanscombe Peninsula.

Cllr Mote said that recent changes will not affect the progress of the project and that 2017 will be a significant year for a timescale.

He said: “It is still going ahead. This is the year I think we might see initial timings will come out. A Nationally Significant Infrastructure project is a very regulated process, a very specific procedure.

“I don’t see the change in leadership as a hiccup, it will still tick along. Things change, but this will be a major hub for entertainment and travel – not just for the local area but for all of Kent.

“In terms of long term employment, I am keen for that part of Dartford to be opened up to the public and get real access to that area.

“We have to be patient, I know many people are concerned about vehicle access but this will be full of interesting opportunities.

“It will be a great opportunity economically. Good things come to those who wait and there is a lot to this jigsaw.”

The project is currently preparing to secure a Development Consent Order and once submitted an order application will bring development closer. London Paramount say dates will follow the submission of an application this year.